shreaded my girlfriends Quest emergency brakes

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    My girls got a 2004 Quest and I drove it for about ten miles with the emergency brake still on and now they barely function at all. I have decent mechanic skills replacing anything to do with disc brakes on my Jeep, so although I’m not exactly sure what this will entail, I’m figuring I have a fighting chance of being about to fix this little situation myself.

    So, I’m writing in to ask, exactly what is it I’ve damaged in the brake system and what parts will I need to replace to get the emergency brakes working properly again. I haven’t had to get into drum brakes before but with some coaching I don’t think it would be a problem.

    Thanks ahead!



    The e-brake on the quest is a set of pads that sit inside the rear disc rotors. It’s really a drum brake system inside the disc rotors. Chances are you have overheated the rear disc rotors and lead to premature warpage. I recommend you replace the parking brake pads and the rotors. You will also need to re-adjust the e-brake cable line via the nut above the e-brake pedal.



    I was quoted about $800 for a set of rotors and pads at the dealer. Nuts!



    Are you having all four done at the same time?



    I told them to shove it at that price.
    There is still lots of material on the pads and rotors are not worn enough – just warped. When I have to do it, I’ll get parts aftermarket.



    from looking at autozone: for example

    rear parking brake shoes #867 lifetime warranty $54.99

    rear rotors #31348 w/ 2 year warranty $43.99 each

    rear brake pads standard w/ lifetime warranty MKD905 $17.99

    total before tax $160.96

    WTF??? for the labor charge & it’s relatively easy to do w/ the online manual @

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