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    So with some of the rain we got up in the northeast from Katrina, we discovered that our ’05 has a leaky Skyview roof. There was some dripping from the garment hook, very few drops, but enough to indicate a leak. There is a TSB about this problem on the ’04s… apparently it carried over to the ’05s.

    I brought it into the dealer morning. I spoke with the tech and he seemed familiar with the problem. They are replacing the whole piece of glass and weatherstripping, no questions asked. The tech said they replace the glass panel because when they try to remove it, it usually breaks.

    I also told them to check out the creaking from the tailgate when the body flexes. They readjusted and lubricated the door. Let see if that got rid of it…

    My ’05 SE has about ~1600 miles on it



    The Sky View panel is on order and once they receive it, a glass installer needs to be scheduled to put it in.

    No more creaking tailgate. However, the service advisor tried to explain to me that some noise is normal from body flex. I kindly replied, “Not at 1600 miles on a brand new, $35k van.”


    Oliver Roderick

    I think what you are mentioning here is a sun roof that you have fitted over you car and the weatherstripping might have got loose leading to leaking from the sun roof.

    That’s very nice of the company to get it repair – no questions asked. That is what you expect from dealers that they give you good service support and that what I have received from Larini always the best. Their exhaust systems are the best in the world.



    Replacement is the best option you can do.
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