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    Hello Friendly Nissan Drivers & Assistants!

    My name is Heather and I am a mama of 2 little ones in Las Vegas. I thought about giving you a long drawn out explanation as to why I have this new (used) vehicle, how I feel about it, and every detail of what has gone wrong in the last 48 hours of owning this thing ~ but I really need your help so I figured I would spare you and get right to the point! Ok, so there are several things wrong but I feel it is best to; at least for now, stick with the main problem that happened less than an hour ago. I was trying to set the radio stations in my 2004 Nissan Quest S. It was too hard. The “1” would not program at all, and when it seemed like the other numbers would, I would go back to them and the stations would not change. Ok, that is an issue for another time ~ but the beginning of the biggest problem. I stopped playing with it and turned off the vehicle to step inside Starbucks. Came back out, turned the car on, and suddenly everything on the front display screen was on EXCEPT for ANYTHING having to do with the stereo ~ no radio stations, no anything. The volume control (the round button you turn to adjust the volume), the seek and track buttons ~ all of them not working. I had to reach behind me to that little black box above the left back seat to control the volume. I thought maybe fuses ~ but could several fuses blow out at once? And also, why would the other lights on the display work but not anything with the stereo? For example, when I press “Settings” all of those options list on the screen exactly where the stereo info would list. Make sense? The yellow words that display on the screen worked except for radio info. So everything on the front controls and screen works EXCEPT for anything having to do with music. My AC turn knobby works, but not volume, and all other buttons that list info on the screen such as “Settings” “Temp” Etc … all work except for radio buttons. I know I am repeating myself, but I think I am becoming more and more frustrated as I type. I apologize. My last question is: How exactly do car dealers and sellers do that? How is it that they can make everything work up to 24 hours after you sign the check and contract? Thank you in advance for ANY help! I have a good feeling about this forum. If I can get help with this, maybe I can ask about the other minor issues! Oh, and if anyone has a Fuse List for the inside fuse box in front of driver seat, that would be an awesome added bonus! The book does not list them and they are not labeled. I miss my Jetta. *sigh*

    Blessings ~




    hey heather, your fuse is blown. there is 2 fuse box, one in the engine , the other beneath the steering wheel on the left hand side.when you open the fuse, there should be a diagram telling you which fuse it is. look for the radio one. go to walmart and buy a replacement fuse (they are the cheapest at walmart) bring the broken fuse in or ask for help. 04 nissan quest fuse for the radio or go to auto parts store, they should help you out. good luck, any more questions, just ask



    Have you tried to turn the car off and turn it back on again? A lot of electric problems often can be solve by just turning off the car and then back on. All I can say is that sometimes if there is a gitch in the system, it can cause the electric component to add weire, but as soon as you turn it off and back on again, everything will reset and works fine. If this doesn’t work, then you should check the fuse, but I doubt that the fuse will blow off suddenly for no reason, unless you already have a short somewhere. Good luck in fixing the problem.


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