SOLVED! Unlocking doors from fob no longer turns on ceiling lights

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    Did anyone experience that?

    There was a relatively cold day up here and exactly that day lights stopped coming on when doors unlock.
    The lights down by the pedals work though.
    I can turn on all ceiling lights no problem by pressing them.
    Just no longer when the doors unlock.

    So I went to the dealer and asked for the switch/relay that turns them on and they said $250. Hell will freeze over before I’ll spend that much on the lights.

    Any ideas what I can do?
    Never had issue like that in any of my vehicles, starting with a 17 yo VW.



    I found that all lights are controlled by BCM – Body Control Module. It provides ground to terminal 22 when the power locks are unlocked.

    That’s the part dealer quoted me $250 for.

    Worst case scenario, as I do have ground/power to the foot lights, I can just rig a switch to the ceiling (map) lights.

    Did anybody every pull BCM? I can’t figure where it is under the dashboard – does entire dashboard have to be removed, or it can be readily accessed? I would like to try to restore solder joints, like I did a few years back on the DRL unit in my 3d gen Maxima.



    Here’s a discussion w/ pictures that a member posted on the BCM. it’s pretty easy to access.



    That’s ECM, i.e. engine control module.
    Lights are controlled by BCM, i.e. body control module.
    Those are not the same.



    Thanks for picking up on that CanadaQ2005. Here’s a discussion on the BCM:

    It talks about checking the fuses first; if no luck, disconnecting the battery; then changing the BCM. This discussion has pictures and describes the replacement process.

    Good Luck



    Great, thanks for the link!
    Re-setting the BCM did not help. All fuses check positive.

    This part is very encouraging:

    2. Remove instrument panel storage bin.

    Means I would not have to remove entire dashboard.



    Poking finger into the knobs on the left in order to find the dashboard brightness wheel, I accidentally turned the lights completely off w/o knowing it.

    On a side note, what a silly location for that button, when there is so much space on the ceiling around the actual lights!

    Quest interior designer is a dumb ass moron. Should have left blank spaces between the power door buttons on the ceiling – I keep punching wrong buttons all the time. And now this issue with lights… Royal PITA.



    you listed that link as the location to the BCM? that link is to the location of the ECM ( Engine Control Module). the BCM is located on the driver side, below the instrument cluster ( instrument cluster is where the shifter A/C and audio controls are) .

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