SOPA & PIPA Would Shut Questdriver Down

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    You no doubt have seen other sites today that went black in protest against SOPA & PIPA. While the goal of the laws, to stop online piracy, is commendable, the laws are drafted so broadly that any site whose purpose is realized through user-generated content, such as this forum, would effectively be shut down unless it could afford to retain an attorney and actively monitor all content.

    While I do watch the site daily, I can’t watch every last detail. You’ve probably seen spam lurking in the site here & there. It’s tough! Imagine your question was answered by another visitor who happened to quote a copyrighted manual — how the heck can I monitor for that?! Now imagine that copyright owner happened to find and brings criminal charges rather than a simple take-down notice.

    If they wanted, SOPA and PIPA would land me in prison, and brand me a felon for life. Rather than risk it, I’d simply shut the site down, before it even happens. Yes, the laws are that grave.

    If you want this site and others like it to continue to exist, please contact your Congressional reps & senators. Tell them to drop the bill entirely. There is no way to mend the current bill. The president’s problem with the DNS portion is great, but that doesn’t stop the censorship. The entire bill must go away.

    SOPA Strike

    Thank you for your time.



    IMO both contravene 1st amendment. So after several years they will reach SCOTUS and will be repealed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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