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    After trying to get my van inspected, i was told i had an exhaust manifold leak. i took the van to an exhaust repair shop and they told me that most of the bolts were broken, and the manifold was possibly warped or cracked.

    After spending almost $600 to have the manifold repaired, they told me to drive it for 30 or 40 miles so the computer could reset itself, and then i could get it inspected again. I’m up to about 30 miles now and have noticed the following:

    Oil light starts blinking erratically, even though the dip stick says the level is fine.
    Belts squeak, although most of that noise is gone after using belt dressing.
    Knocking (not pinging) noise from engine.
    At operating temps, the whole thing sounds like an old diesel school bus.
    Engine seems a bit “shaky” when idling.
    Has stalled a couple of times, but will start right back up.

    None of the above was going on before i took it to have the repairs done. Any ideas on what it might be, so I don’t sound like an idiot when I take it back to the shop?



    The supplemental problems your are describing don’t add up to the shops fault, maybe your are just having numerous problems. If you need a good resource to analyze some auto mechanics and their repair procedures, make sure you look at their reputation and the numerous problems you are encountering. Because an exhaust leak will not cause a knock, unless you burn a valve bad, and it drops because the valve spring pressure was lost from heat, you would then need a valve job. Have it recheck and analyzed.



    i just find it odd that none of the above mentioned issues were present before they worked on it…i called the shop back and the guy said that it shouldn’t be doing any of that, and to bring it back in…was really nice about it, and actually sounded concerned…so, it’s back in the shop…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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