Spark Plug Wire came loose!! HELP HELP HELP!!!!

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    Hi, i need some help with my 93 quest 3.0L with 81,000 miles on it.
    I bought 6 spark plugs since I wanted to replace the old ones, but when I pulled one of the large spark plug wire (it has 2 long tube wire since the spark plugs are very low the engine) on the backside of the engine, the inner metallic tubing came off (look like it has been crimped) very easily and was attached to the spark plug. I tried to put it back “in place” by making larger the diameter of that metallic tube that got stuck on the spark plug, so that when I tried to put back the wire with the boot together it wouldnt come loose!

    After I did that, I started the engine and a noise started to sound, like a tapping of a pen on a table sort of. I dont know if I should replace the 7 plug wires with new ones, or try to “fix” that plug wire, because now everytime I try to accelerate, it does not accelerate as before, it feels that it has a lack of “power”. I need some help since I dont want to buy new 60 dollars plug wires knowing that it can be fixed easily, hopefully! Oh, I forgot, I did replaced the spark plugs with new ones…but the problem of the tapping noise was still there…RIGHT WHERE THE PLUG WIRE CAME LOOSE!!

    p.s.: if i DO NEED TO BUY new plug wires, which ones do you recommend? factory or aftermarket? high performance? etc…



    can anybody help me I drive 1997 Nissan Quest,my check engine light come on
    first I take it to Advance auto parts store to scan for code,they told me
    that I have bad Knock sensor and O2 sensor,so I replaced both of them and the
    light still on so I take it back to scan code again and they told me is O2 sensor
    code no more knock sensor code,I don’t know what to do any more so please help.

    Chuck Raksinh


    the reason the check engine light came back on again is probably cause you didn’t change the correct o2 sensor. There is more than one o2 sensor. There is one before and after the catalytic converter. Change the other one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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