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    Hi All,

    Wanted to share some positive results for some issues related to steering wheel vibrations I’ve had with our 2005 Quest S.

    1) Problem: Steering wheel vibrates a lot when hitting the brakes.
    Solution: the new 2004+ Quests are notorious for warped rotors, front and rear. The rear rotors and pads are incredibly small for a 4,000 pound vehicle. Don’t bother with reinstalling Nissan rotors; the problem will reappear in 30k miles. Find a set of rotors (and you mind as well get some new pads) off the Internet and have your favorite mechanic (or yourself) replace them at all four corners.
    As a side note: I replaced mine with carbon/kevlar pads. While these pads worked great on my Dodge Stealth, they don’t heat up well on the Quest and you have to press the brake pedal VERY hard to stop. With quality rotors, you don’t need the most exotic pads.

    2) Problem: Steering wheel vibrates at certain speeds. Ex: 50-55MPH only.
    Solution: your tires may be out of balance. Get them balanced at your favorite tire shop. This is a very inexpensive solution, assuming it works 🙂

    3) Problem: Steering wheel seems a little lose, clunking noises when driving over road bumps, odd tire wear.
    Solution: have a mechanic check the rubber bushings on the lower front control arms. If the rubber bushings are worn out (mine were at 60k miles), replace the lower front control arms. Local mechanic wanted $200 for each side, but you can order on the Internet for $105-$110 each side. It’s one to 1.5 hours of labor per side.
    Side note 1: having this problem for even 2 – 3 months can chew up your tires. Fix it quickly.
    Side note 2: replacing the lower front control arms got rid of most of the thumping noise, but there’s still some present. Maybe another bushing some where.

    I hope this helps some of you out there. I’m glad this website and forum exist!

    — Mark (QuestFun)



    Did the mechanic check the tie rods??? Will cause much vibration and wear out usu
    ally before the control arms

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