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    I have a 2011 Quest SL that I bought about 3 months ago. I’ve noticed that it makes a sort of high-pitched whine from the power steering assembly when I turn the steering wheel. When I’m driving, the road noise drowns it out, but when I’m pulling in and out of my garage, or moving slowly in a parking lot, etc. it’s pretty annoying. I took it to the dealer and they initially told me that it was low on power steering fluid, but then they changed their minds and said that it’s normal for this new electro-hydaulic steering system…and that every new Quest on their lot makes the same noise. I didn’t have time to verify this claim (by listening to other Quests), but it seems hard to believe that it’s normal for a brand new car to make this annoying whine. Anyone else with a 2011 Quest have this weird steering whine (only audible when turning the wheel when the van is stopped, or moving slowly enough that road noise doesn’t drown out the sound)?



    This is true….they all whine, but nothing to worry about…just check you PSF and keep it full.
    Mine doesn’t leak.



    Mine does the same thing. Bought it in July and has been whining since. Weird.

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