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    First i would like to say, Hello and im glad i located these forums

    Now to my problem, i have a 2004 quest, s model it has the dvd package and im asuming an upgraded stereo package.. well my problem is this. the radio goes out alot, 90% of the time, the only speaker that stays on when it shuts down is the one on the passenger side door (sounds like it anyway) but the volume will only stay at 2 levels
    off and a little bit loud. no mater how far i turn the volume up it just says at that 1 level unless i turn it all the way down…..

    the radio also randomly just shuts off. it makes a pop noise then goes out. most of the time i can remove the fuse under the hood and it comes back on,

    i did a search but after the 10th page i decided to just post up



    I have the similar issue, the local stereo shop did some quick checks and we are fairly sure its in the amp (the stereo and amp are all in one unit). I was able to correct mine by disconnecting the problem speaker. Last time I checked it would be about 400 (CDN) for a new radio.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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