Still Suffering From Brake shudder?

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    Just a quick note for those of you who complain about brake shudder and rotors warping, I think I know the cause. Back in Oct last year about second week I did a rotor and pad replacement because it was giving me uneven wear on the rotor and pads. Noticed the pads were a little tight and did not slide in and out easily, so I ground the tabs down to about 0.5 mm clearance all around where the brake hardware receives the tabs on the pad backing metal. Also did the same on my maxima about a few years earlier. So it’s been five months so far and no warping or shuddering. On my maxima I noticed the inside and outside pads were wearing very evenly, now down to about 1.5mm. Dang, time to do a brake job on maxima now, LOL. Maybe next time you do your brake job you can try this trick.

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