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    weeks ago, i took my 06 quest with 81,000 miles to have both struts replace since the right strut was leaking fluid. however, after the installation, right strut continuing to make noises like when it was leaking. so took back the shop, they replaced it, drove back home, the dam noises still there, same as before. this time, i look under, found out the the coil spring on the right strut was not seating correctly. again, took back to the shop again to have it aligned. they told me, they have fixed the issue but sure enough, the rocking noises still there when rolling on bumps and or pot holes. i told them the right strut noises have not been fix. once again, took back to the shop. this time, they told me that the reason the strut is making noises because the engine motor mount is worn-out and it need to be replaced in order to fix the right strut noises. basically, they said, the engine mount stabilizer is worn out which can cause or put excessive stress on the right strut when it driving on bumps or pot-holes. i look at the motor mount and it is still look good. any truce on this? and also clues to troubleshooting strut noises. Please help.. thanks.



    I have installed KYbs on my van (2005 quest) and they only make noise when I turn very aggressively towards the left and the steering wheel is maxed out. It doesn’t bother me because I only use my van on the weekends! Get a second opinion or maybe even a third. Good Luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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