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    On November 7th I took my new ’06 Quest that I bought in February to the dealership with water pouring from the sunglass holder. The side windows have water coming inside when I “hand wash” the vehicle. I have taken my car in 4 times for various problems. This is the worst problem. They have had the Quest for 3 weeks now and just called to tell me it’s ready for me to pick up. I am concerned about the posibility of mold or rust in the roof now that the seal has been compromised. I have 2 children and am concerned about their health as well as mine when I’m in this car! I don’t know if the Lemon Law applies to this due to the amount of time they have had the car, but to say the least, when I bought a new car I didn’t think I’d have all these problems!



    Certainly no one on this site or any site can give you legal advice. I’d consult your state’s AG site & find information about your lemon law. In most cases, the car must be brought in for the same problem multiple times, and never get it resolved. I know a few others have had this problem, but I haven’t seen in personally (and I really soaked my windows to test it out on our first reports).

    I would suspect that you could ask that any damage that occurred due to the bad seal also be fixed.



    I have the same problem with the sunglass holder. The dealer has never been able to find it. Did they replace your windshield?

    Each state has its own lemon laws. You should check your state’s website.




    We had the same problem with our 2006 Quest. My wife was driving the car during a heavy rain and was stopped at a traffic light. The water started streaming onto the dashboard from the sunglass holder. The only way to prevent the problem during the rainstorm was to keep driving.

    I took the car to our dealer, where they ‘declared’ that leaves were stuck in the windshield drains and that caused the problem. I thought the dealer was full of it and their reasoning was flawed. It was obvious to me they did not want to deal with this issue.

    The problem occured again when the car was parked outside during a rainstorm. I discovered water on the dashboard when coming back to the car. I opened the sunglass visor and a water poured out.

    I normally park the car in a garage, so have not noticed the problem again. The side window seals seem to work fine. No solutions, but I feel better knowing I’m not crazy and I will definitely take action if/when the problem recurs.



    Check the drain holes in the well around the sun roof.


    MCA Daddy

    I know this post is a bit old but, my 04 SE had this problem early in the day. The dealer did correct the problem. Supposedly the drain line was pinched (possibly torn) somewhere behind the sunglass holder and somehow spewing out. They manuevered the line to free the fluid drain and WHOILA!! I haven’t had it leak since. This was about 3 years ago.



    Had our 2004 (under warranty) inspected by dealer. They did find the problem. Leaky sunroof. Water was seeping in from the sunroof and draining into the sunglass holder.



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    I had this problem once about dripping windows specially when raining and sometime during accumulation of moisture on my vehicles during morning. When I consult the problem to a mechanic on town, he said that the water easily penetrate on the window because my door lock actuator is loose. He just adjust it and I don’t have any problem since then.



    Two-fold problem The seal of the glass to gasket isn’t completely sealed on mine (still not addressed). But the ultimate problem is the drain holes and drain lines in the front corners of the sunroof well.

    I cleaned mine out with string trimmer line (tried to smooth the line’s leading edge to prevent it from puncturing the drain hose). I then dumped about a gallon or two of hot water into the well on both sides and now you can see the water streaming out under the car through the weep holes.

    I used to raise the sunroof in the summer for heat evacuation while parked. I still do, but only if I’m not under trees.

    I haven’t looked, but rumor has it that the computer area also has drain holes that plug up that may cause some of the problems people have. I better start looking as a ton of leaves and seeds land on mine.

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