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    I have a 2004 Quest with TCS. Last month my wife got stuck in the snow and she didn’t know to turn off the TCS. The system went off itself the TCS, Slip, and ABS lights came on in the dash. I know that if the System geets wet it will come on temporally but in those cases only the TCS and Slip lights come on. So I was wondering if there is a way to reset it or if I need it looked at. Any help would be great. Thanks



    I would recommend disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery and then reconnect it after a couple minutes. The trouble code should clear and if it is not a real problem, the light shouldn’t come back on. If the light does come back on with normal operation, then you need to have it checked out.

    Disconnecting your negative battery terminal will cause you to lose any radio preset or electronics settings, so they will need to be reset when the battery is connected again.


    did her car shut off by its self. my wifes car had stalled like that and all those lights kicked on after. and the problem is actually related to the ecm. i think.



    I have a 2004 Quest to, and I have the same problem, I disconnect the battery and nothing happen.



    I would get it checked out. It sounds like there could be a problem with a wheel sensor. I believe the traction control system relies on the antilock braking system which uses sensors at each wheel.

    2004 Quest S



    I have a 2005 Quest and the TCS/Slip lights came on and the car shut down. It will start back up and go for awhile again but then total loss of power!! What is going on? Has anyone else had this? Am I really looking at replacing the ECM?

    Any help/direction would be appreciated.



    sorry wrong place



    I just went through the same issues, took it to dealer and they replaced both camshaft sensors cost…..$470….I am not too happy with Nissan at the moment. I don’t think I will buy another one. Nissan lost one sale to us already, my wife just bought a Honda Civic. Next for me is Toyota or a Honda.



    hi, i have the exact same problem, have you found a solution yet???



    I replaced the camshaft sensor ($30) and crank shaft ($50) sensors myself.



    I have a similar problem with the ABS, TCS, and Slip lights that come on. When this happens, the ABS and Traction systems fail. I tried to get Nissan to cover this for me since it was due to a faulty ABS pump actuator ($1839.19 to replace). After paying the diagnostic fee and then waiting almost three weeks, Nissan decided they would not cover.

    I have decided to file a complaint with the NTSB to investigate this due to safety reasons. I called their consumer hotline number 1-888-327-4236 and explained the situation to them and they agreed that a report should be filed. They have it in file now and will contact me shortly on whether they’ll recommend a recall to Nissan but it all depends on the number of complaints they receive. I would contact the NTSB with your complaint as well. It will help all of us if this vehicle is recalled. You can file a report right over the phone.

    You can also bet I’m going to spread the word about this. The Quest might be a nice vehicle but it’s too failure prone. I’ve had to replace front breaks 3 times, rear 2 times, bearings, ball joints, all well within 70,000 and now this? The vehicle also makes a lot of rattle in the front end as if there’s a problem with with the links or engine mounts. Look around on the web and you’ll see the huge number of complaints.

    Either way, I hope my info helps and good luck.



    I had to replace my actuator, Nissan wanted $1600( rip off), I found a used part online ($285) and had nissan replaced it $300, I svaed about a $1000.



    i have a 2004 nissan quest with slip,tcs light on car does not accelerate.any help as what to do



    when u replace the actuator did it work cause my slip/tcs light on



    well mine was doing the same thing i change the cam position sensor u have two sensors bank 1&2

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