Thinking about an 07 SE….input please.

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    So, as some of you know, my wife and I have an 04 SE. It’s got its fair share of rattles and squeaks, and things to fix. But it also has a rattle in the engine at idle -and light acceleration. (I know about the timing chain issue, or poss. VTC solenoids)

    We love our Quest, (it is our 2nd) despite the quirks. However, we are concerned with the possible timing chain issue as well as the fact the we believe it has been in an accident. (We have found things over the past year and a half that gives us good reason to believe this.)

    Now, we have found an 07 SE with every option available (no PAX), we drove it yesterday and can’t believe the difference! Extremely solid feeling, much nicer interior and a lot quieter (less road noise). We’re thinking that we may trade up.

    Are there any known issues with the 07’s?

    The deal looks good. Just looking to know what to expect… if anything.

    Thanks everyone.



    I have a 2008 SL, and we love it!!!
    I cannot tell you if all the quirks have been fixed. I cannot tell you that you will not experience any problem. The only thing I can tell you is that Nissan overhauled the original Quest. This the first year that they put the instrument cluster back to its “normal” location. I am pretty confident, too that the have fixed the sliding side doors that were a nightmare on the original Quest. They made tons of changes and fixes to the Quest starting in 2007 model year… we have ours for almost 2 years now with under 21K on it… No squeak and rattles ever since they adjusted the slide door when I complained that the door seems loose. Still drives solidly, brakes are still good… so far, no issues yet coming from under the hood.



    Thanks for your input Best_Shot,

    We decided to go with that 07 SE. We feel got a pretty good deal, and it is amazingly quiet compared with our old 04. So far my wife loves it…I haven’t driven it more than a few blocks yet.

    This is the Quest that Nissan should have delivered in 2004! We loved our 04 regardless of the issues…but this feels like a better cross between sport and luxury and in overall quality, there is no comparison.

    I’ll post pics soon.



    True. Deeper issues on the inside might be the problem.fl auto glass

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