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    I am too cheap to pay all that money to get a new computer installed into my van. It is a Gold 04 with Tan leather DVD CD 200,0XXkms aprox (130XXX miles). Ran into some problems with it the other day. Slip, TCS and Check engine light all came on and the motor thinking that I am on ice wont accelerate above an idle. It would start just fine after a few hours and it would work again for a few months and then BOOM it surprises us with this same problem again. Except this time it wont even start…..We all know that the ECM or ECU or ECR or whatever we are calling it in this vehicle is in a crappy spot causing corrosion and havoc. But 1400 to have it fixed is not gonna happen. Everything else on the van works. except for the button, in the back, for the slider door. It will only close the door it wont open it.
    I am going to trailer it into the nearest Nissan Dealership to have a diagnostic done and if the price is too great it WILL be parted out. I will give my fellow Quest Haters first dibs on the parts then everything else will go on ebay. No accidents the front bumper was painted by the dealership I bought it from because I asked them to as part of the deal due to rock chips( that was a mistake) Anyways if you want anything let me know and I will find out weather or not this is gonna happen. Chances are good.



    If you are parting out this 04, how much do you want for the rear wiper motor?



    How much for the passenger side mirror?



    Keep us posted.

    Does the 04 have the fold down tray table? I’m looking for some parts related to that and how it connects to the driver’s seat.



    The 04’s did not have the folding table between the front seats…just the cup holder that folds out from the Drivers Seat.



    Do you have the NAV console in front?
    I’m looking for that whole assembly – with the guages, nav screen and warning lights.
    I too, am cheap. What kind of pricing and shipping will you offer?



    I am also interested in the navi front if your van had it. I am also interested in the DVD screen.


    I can be reached at



    Do you have alloy rims? I would be interested in those to replace the steel ones on my 06 S.



    you can install 20″ rims with 245 40/20 tires



    Sorry Had it fixed 1100 and all is well. The tech said that the keys didnt need to be programmed. He said that it was a plug and go.



    if you are still parting out this vehicle, I would love to buy the front passenger window motor from you.

    please email ..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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