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    I have a 2k quest which has already been brough in for the throttle body sticking recall. They said it was a 1 time service that Nissan was offereing. Well it seems that it is starting to do it again. When trying to depress the accelerator it sticks and you have to really put pressure to break the sticking point, which cause the van to accellerate very quickly. This is not good when you are in traffic. Has anyone had any luck with getting Nissan to do the recall a second time?



    Let your dealer know the problem has happened again.
    There is no reason why they should not take care of this.
    A sticky throttle plate is a no brainer! Dirt builds up in the
    throttle plate and causes it to grab. Special care and specific cleaners can take care of this simple problem.



    I have the same issue on our 2000 Quest. I seem to remember getting a notice on this years ago but I can’t find seem to find any recalls for the 2000 Quest. I did find a listing on the NHTSA site for a Technical Service Bulletin (082203 on 8/22/03) for accelerator pedal sticking, but payment is required to get the information.

    I can’t seem to find the information anywhere else on this.

    I shouldn’t have to pay for this again and yesterday I had to put the car in park and slam my foot on the accelerator to get it ‘unstuck.’ Pretty scary!



    Nissan had issued an NTB00-083 for this problem. After fixing it, be careful in changing motor oil, not to over-fill it will slow this happening again. Nissan’s owner manual says to fill 4.25 qt. (with filter changed) motor oil is not correct (should be 4 qts. only). Trust the dipstick marks only!

    This forum ( also provides the procedures to fix this.

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