Thumping noise with a quick tap of the brakes

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    2004 Nissan Quest SE – I changed front and rear pads approximately 5,000 miles ago. Recently, a thumping-type noise can be heard when quickly tapping the brakes (not jumping on them). Inspected calipers and rotors and all appears to be snug and normal. During normal braking no thumping sound occurs. I’m baffled. Any thoughts?



    I’m also experiencing this noise and feel a pulsation in the brake and accelerator pedals. I just replaced the rear wheel bearings and this started happening immediately after. I’m wondering if it’s a abs sensor or something that I need to reset after this replacement of the wheel bearings. Would be interested in any advice? Thanks.



    I had this exact problem, thought it was the brakes too. Even when braking from high speed I got the sensation I had warped front rotors.(if you don’t have that yet, it will graduate to it)

    Do yourself a favor and go purchase a set of lower front control arms with bushings already installed (arm to frame bushings, ball joint, and radius bushing)

    Your van will ride like new again.

    What happens is the radius bushing wears, when you tap the brakes the load is put on the control arms – the radius bushing is taking the brunt of the inertia.





    many thanks lbrowne




    Do you remember where you purchased your lower control arms? I found some on Advanced Auto Parts but I am not sure if they will fit. They say OEM replacement so I assume they would fit but wanted to see if you ordered them straight from Nissan. There is a considerable price difference between them so I was hoping that the cheaper ones would fit.

    Thanks in advance for your help.




    I get the thumping noise as well when you abruptly step on the brakes and, yes, it’s the lower control arm bushings.



    simple job just a long wait for the drivers side. after market arms are 1/2 the price of the dealer part.

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