Time for a new dealer?

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    My 2005 S has warped brakes again. They were turned 3 times under warranty and then replaced. Now after about 5,000 miles they’re warped again. The service manager is obviously annoyed every time he sees me. Now he’s trying to push a $550 30,000 mile “service” on me which includes all kinds of fluid flushes and other things that aren’t included in the maintenance schedule. He even said that Nissan wants to see that this service has been done before honoring warranty claims. Obviously this isn’t true and I pointed out the actual requirements in the service manual which I have performed personally. He says unless I can prove that each of the steps has actually been done they might not be able to honor the warranty. This guy has always been dismissive; when I had a leaking windshield he said he couldn’t duplicate it and refused to do anything about it. I’ve had an ongoing loud vibration problem that they’ve never been able to locate. This time I asked if we could go for a ride so I could duplicate it for him. He said he would but when I got there he refused to go for a ride. Predictably they couldn’t find anything wrong. It’s a pain for me to schedule times to bring the car in and frustrating to deal with a person like this. I’m guessing his annoyance is that I’m not spending any money at his dealership other than for warranty claims which aren’t high profit services. Am I expecting too much from a dealership or should I bring my car somewhere else?



    I might try talking to the dealership’s general manager or even Nissan’s customer service people if I wanted to stay with my dealer for my own convenience. If I had another Nissan dealer in the area, I’d just go there.

    I feel your pain. There aren’t many things more frustrating than having an unresponsive or incompetent automotive service department.

    BTW, my rotors are warped, too. I will have dealer look at them when I get around to going back.

    06 Quest Base

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