Timing chain failure, 6 months out of warranty.

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    I’ve taken my 2004 into the shop several times with a timing chain rattle and they always tell me they can’t find the problem. This past week the rattle got so bad that people would stop on the sidewalk and look to see where the noise was coming from. I guess the plastic guide has totally disintegrated now.

    Dealer NOW sees the problem, but I’m 6 months out of warranty even though I still have under 60k miles on the car. Dealer is sympathetic (I think they feel some guilt) and has submitted a request to Nissan for a good will repair. Based on what I’ve read, that’s unlikely to be approved.

    My question is, how hard of a DIY is this? I’m pretty handy under the hood, but have not bitten off a timing chain before, especially in this small area. If not a good DIY candidate, anyone know of a good indy in San Diego?



    Maybe file a complaint to NHTSA!
    Let NHTSA forces a recall!



    My dad has owned a foreign car repair shop for 30 years and I worked as a mechanic for him for quite a few years. I just replaced the timing chaing guide, water pump, tensioner, and timing chain while I was in there on my wife’s 2004 Nissan Quest 3.5 SE. I am pretty confident with my abilities and I have worked on a lot of cars (pulling engines, transmissions, heads etc.) and this was by far one of the harder jobs I have done. It doesn’t help that I am rusty and haven’t worked for my dad for 5 years now, but this one was tricky. It didn’t take me a solid day and a half because I wasn’t constantly working on it, but it was out of commission for that long. If I can help with some pointers let me know.

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