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    for additional info:
    when is the right time when changing your chain belt?
    is it when you reach certain miles from your odometer or by how old is the car for saving the engine before it will broke the belt? or by when you hear some annoying noise- rattling, whining or whistling???? pls send some commment. thanks



    I wouln’t worry about it till maybe around 150,000 miles. Any other type of whining noise coming from the timing chain area may be related to the tensioners; there’s a TSB on it.



    There is no change interval for timing chains on Nissan VQ engines. If you use decent (ie full synthetic)oil, good quality filters, and change the oil and oil filter regularly, the timing chain should last as long as you own the car. My 95 Maxima has 209K miles on the original engine (including timing chain) with no signs of wear or problems.



    Did the dealer recommend this? I had a local dealer here in Va try to tell me that the Nissan V6 had a timing belt that needed changing. I had an in depth conversation with the service manager about that and he assures me that had I believed the service adviser, the mechanic would have rejected the work order. Had I not been an informed consumer, makes me wonder if they would have charged me for it and I would have not known the difference. I didn’t return to the dealer….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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