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    I have a 1997 Mercury villager with 3.0L SFI SOHC 6cyl engine.

    I replaced the timing belt. I align the three marks on the pulleys with marks on the belt. I turned the crankshaft by hand with a breaker bar and every two revolution the marks should align again, right? Well, every time it goes around twice, the belt is one notch advanced on the belt.



    ok i replace my timming balt and it run but sooni found out i had a blown head gasket,so i fix that it ran for 75 miles / like a new one.go is the timming still not right.i replace cole.re done timming.got it running but win i cut it off to put back to gotter i wont start can sone please help me



    I replaced timing belt on 99 Quest this summer and ran into the same issue. I lined up the 3 marks on the crank and cams perfectly, and after turning the crank by hand, they would never line up again. Well I took the belt off over and over trying to get them to line up again after turning the crank by hand, and never could. I called a shop and discussed this with them and was told they would only line up again after many many revolutions. So basically they told me if I have them lined up correctly the first time to not worry about them being out of alignment after rotating a few turns manually. So i put it all back together, and it started right up and the timing was perfect. So I spent a lot of wasted time worrying about why the 3 marks were not lined up again after manually turning the crank. It looks like if you have the crankshaft and cams aligned properly and get the 3 marks on the belt aligned correctly, you should be good to go.


    The most important thing is to line up the cam sproket marks with the marks on the engine, and line up the crank mark with the mark on the engine. The lines on the belt just try to confirm that you are lined up properly. The marks on the engine and sprockets/crank are the only important makrs. ANd, yes, once you rotate the engine, it will take over 100 revolutions for them to line up again. Do not rotate it with the expectation of confirming you did it right. It’s a good idea to run the engine for 30 seconds before putting the timing cover back on.

    Go to the Villager-Quest site for more tech info.


    Gerry i Detroit

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