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    Can anyone ever figure the tire label that shown on the screen, like 35,34,33,36. So, starting from which tire, next,…

    My guest is front left, front right, rear lf, rear rt., am I correct?



    There is no way to determine the location, easily. It depends on where the wheel/sensor was placed the first time the tires were rotated or you got new tires, etc.
    The only way I’ve found is to drive around until they start to register. Pull over and let some air out, a few seconds later, the pressure change will display and you’ll know.



    The order of the tire pressure figures displayed on the screen does not correspond with the actual order of the tire position. When the dealer registers the transmitters they follow the below order. This may be how they are displayed.

    Front LH
    Front RH
    Rear RH
    Rear LH



    But when you read 1 tire different from the other 3 by 2-3 psi (either over or under), how could you tell which? and could you ignor the situation?
    I can’t tell by visual inspection and lots of guages just not accurate enough.



    the tire pressures do not display in any order. The best thing to do is test each tire pressure cold with a gage (warm tires have 3-4 additional psi) and add or let out air so they are all the same pressure.

    I use a $2 pencil gage and look for air pump with a gage. At least this way, even if inaccurate, you are using the same instruments for all 4 tires. No gage, even a cheap one, is that far off to cause any problems.

    I’ve also noticed on my 2004 Quest that the tire pressure monitor reads about 2-3 psi low.

    Check the label on the inside of the driver’s door for the recommended cold pressure.



    Did you have any tire rotation?
    Lower one presure to 30 lb and label it (A,B,C,D)… Then pump it back to spec and do the same for the rest…
    You have to look them up and measure the pressure (There is no specific sequence)…
    The front tires usually get hotter after a few miles…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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