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    I am 2004 Quest SE owner with 31K on those horrible Goodyear tires and of course they are bald. I have read through the forum and most advise the Yokohama AVID. Upon searching the internet I found General Altimax HP. The reviews on the site were very good but none were reviews on a Quest. Anyone out there try them? The Yokohama tires are rated much better for warranty purposes but wanted to explore the options.

    BTW: when I looked for tires and searched by make/model and year it always came up with 17″ for the SE. Mine is equipped with 16″. Why the discrepency?



    Are you sure you have the SE?
    I’d contact your dealer on that one.
    For 17s, I’ve had great experience with Pirelli Zero Nero, sized at 235-55-17 (check a tire size calculator & stay within 3% of size).

    For winter tires, I’m purchasing 215-7-16 Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow, on dedicated 16″ wheels.

    Good luck,



    I have Yokohama Avid TRZ’s on two vehicles. Neither is a Quest, but I am very happy with them on both vehicles. They are quiet and have very good grip, and appear to have long tread life. I don’t know the General Altimax HP, but my experience with General tires (in general) has not been positive.

    As far as tire size, rather than searching by make and model, go by the existing tire size. The websites don’t always have the best information. While the current SE does come with 17 inch rims, the 2004 may not have, and they may not know that.

    – Michael

    Northern Virginia

    2008 Nissan Quest SE



    …if you are going to get them. The reviews on TireRack look very good–better than any tire I have purchased from them, and if you buy four before Monday, August 4, you get a $50 Visa Gift card.

    Plus they don’t have the Yokos in stock.

    Northern Virginia

    2008 Nissan Quest S

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