Tires we've had on our 2004 Quest, now at 122,000 miles

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    Just wanted to update the community on my selection of tires. Our van now had 122000 miles and we’re on our 4th set of tires counting the OEM LS2s.

    1. OEM Goodyear LS2
    Hated the OEM tires. Nursed them to about 40k miles until replacing them.
    2. Yokohama AVID V4S 235/60/16, $383.28 (from, shipping included)
    Should have been called the Yoko so-so’s. They had good wet and dry traction but were terrible in snow or ice and became very noisy as they reached the end of their life. Still I got nearly 40k miles from them.

    3. Bridgestone Turanza LS-H 235/60/16, $573.66 (from, shipping included)
    I liked the Bridgestone Turanzas pretty well and could have gotten a little more mileage out of them but wanted to replace them before going to the beach in a few weeks. I replaced them after about 40k miles but they probably could have gone to 45k or 50k. They wore evenly and were not particularly loud like the Yokos. I probably would have gone with the same tire but had a $100 gift card for the purchase of the Turanza Serenity tires so I decided to try them.

    4. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity 235/60/16, $630.62 [$530.62 with $100 mail-in rebate] (from, shipping included)
    I purchased these and had them installed last week at 122,000 miles. Seems like a very quiet tire. I’ll update as we put more miles on it but first impressions are really good.



    Thanks for the tire update. I echo exactly what you say about the OEM and Yoko’



    The Yokohama avid trz are excellent tires. I put these on close to two years ago at 80k miles an I am up to 108k and these still look brand new. The bad news is that I bought some 20 inch rims to put on but I can’t until these wear out and it looks like I will have to wait another 2 years still. Very good in dry and wet conditions and they hold their own in snow and ice but they are no snow tires. Drove through a blizzard in NY 3 weeks ago and they held on very good. They have the right size for the van and are better than the oem Goodyear that the car comes with.



    I’ve got these Yokohama tires on our Quest SE too. We like them best so far.

    We had the initial LS2’s which wore out around 20k miles.

    We then tried the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred, which lasted 40k miles and had a hard time getting Goodyear to give me a prorated warranty since I bought them at TireRack, so, will never buy Goodyear again as these were warrantied for 80k miles.



    My oem tires lasted 32k miles. I purchased the michelin primacy mxv4 tires from costco. They have these on sale severaltimes a year, buy 4 get $70 off. Cost around $ 625 otd. They lasted 62k but I changed them early because I am going on vacation. I recently found almost brand new michelin tires on craigslist for $250 so I got the same tires again. Paid local tire shop $60 to install them. They were 235 60 r16 but that size fits the stock quest rims. I have bfgoodrich advantage tires on my honda and I got 90k out of them. I was going to try them for the Quest next, but you cant beat half price.

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