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    Many years ago, back in the early 70s, I would dream about having a car with a sun roof and all it conjured in terms to wind in the hair, sun in the face and looking cool while driving with it open. I got my first sun roof car, a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba and followed with having owned several more until recently.

    I never quite liked them as much as I thought I would. The constant rush of wind became annoying, some of them sprung minor leaks that required repairs and they added about $1000+ to the cost of the car.

    I found myself driving with the sunroof completely blocked out most of the time, seldom using it at all, so when it came time to get my current 2007 basic Quest, I decided to go without a sun roof and take that money to the aftermarket for a complete leather upholstery upgrade.

    I don’t miss the sun roof in the least. To be fair, I’ve also owned one convertible and didn’t especially like that either so it must come down to what one wants and LIKES before deciding on forking out the extra expense to allow the sun to shine in.

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