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    Greetings all and thank you in advanced for the help. I just purchased a used 2007 Quest Van. In the first week the TPMS system went off on one tire, checked…one tire low, added air TPMS System picked up the change and all was well. Another week went by, one tire when hot was reading 40…TPMS went off again. So three tires were displaying the numeric pressure, one tire was displaying “*”. I set all the tires to 35 PSI… no change. Read the board (here) and saw the post about resetting the system (bought one of the $20.00 tools, I know a wire would’ve worked but I didn’t want to take a chance).

    So now, none of the tires are displaying pressure (on/in the display) yet all tires are sitting at 35 PSI. I’ve followed the reset instructions with the reset tool (looks like a little plastic gun) and all the “flashes” etc. match with the instructions. After resetting I drive above 30 mph about 5 min or so and a tone goes off and the TPMS warning light turns solid.

    I’ve been through this three times.


    Love the van, but this is annoying as heck. Hoping it’s the user… i.e. me that is doing something wrong.

    THNX for the help!



    I have one wheel that goes after 30 minutes of driving. I guess the battery is going bad.
    Once we stop for gas, turn the engine off and back on again after filling up, it works fine for a while.
    I don’t worry about it much. I check the display to make sure it is the same wheel and then go about my business like we did before TPMS.



    Don’t blame the van, this sounds like a commmon issue with TPMS. I have a 2007 Versa with the TPMS and I was told that there was not reset for those sensors. The batteries in the sensors begin to crap out after 4 years of use, if you are getting incorrect readouts, replace them. They are not as expensive as they once were. You might get lucky and get a like new set from the junk yard. Good luck.



    These sensors are great when they work. When you replace tires, they are supposed to be rebuilt. Rebuilding is basically just putting new rubber washer so they dont leak air. Atleast that is what I was told. I have an 06 quest and 3 still work fine. All new vehicles must be equipped with these sensors but there is no law saying you cant replace with regular valve stem. One of my stems broke so I paid 2 bucs for a regular stem. When I Checked a new tpms sensor was around $75. I do all the maintenance on my vehicles so I check tires often. I actually considered selling the 3 that still work for 50 each to help pay for new tires but thats kinda lame.

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