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    For those interested in towing I have several observations after installing a Class III hitch and wiring harness on my 2011 quest.
    First, the hitch sits very low, below the bumper which I would assume is common for any minivan (quest is my first). That said when loaded there is a good chance of scraping of the reciever on uneaven surface – that actually happened to me over the weekend when hauling some stone with a trailer.
    I have installed the CURT class III hitch. I got it from, which has unbeatable pricing. There are other choices like Hidden Hitch and Draw Tite, but I didn’t like the way they install with a bunch of spacers. The CURT part installes in similar fashion as the factory, nothing wrong with the others, just a personal preference. The installation is impossible to be undertaken by one person. One the hitch is quite heavy and most importantly, it bolts from the inside of the cargo area so one cannot hold it and instll bolts at the same time.

    The wiring harness was a pain to put in. I opted for the T-one connector that I purchased from, but you can get it from and other sites. It was for sure a better option financially at around $60 compared to OEM at more then twice that. Althouh no splicing of wires was required it isn’t a true plug and play type harness. It took me a couple of hours to get it done, but I am no auto expert, jut a dude who can use basic tools and follow directions. It requires removal of both tail lights and most of the cargo trim panels (some just partially). The directions that come with the harness are decent but not great. The fuse that comes with the harness that needs to be put in the fuse box did’t fit. It was two sizes too big, I needed to get a different fuse from a local auto store. Overall I am happy with both parts and glad I could get it done for a total of $250 vs $500 for just the OEM parts. I only wish the hitch would be a little higher, but for that I guess a need an SUV or a truck.




    I will be adding airbags to ours. Should help tremendously

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