transmissin failure

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    I bought a nissan questSe in 2004.
    This is the tragic sequence of events.

    14000 miles rear view miror malfunction still not corrected at 82000 miles to satisfaction.

    rear wiper motor failure—replaced at 30000 miles.

    always squealing steering wheel when turned to maximum lt or right.

    58000 miles transmission failure—replaced with remanufactured trasmission.4600$ REPLACED UNDER WARRANTY

    82000- transmission failure. at present in shop 4700$
    Not to mention the numerous trips for warning lights illfitting side doors, malfunctioning air bags.

    carlos Ghosn should be ashamed of such bad customr service and poor quality product. may be should patent Nissan_shift screw consumer as a slogan . as a busy physician in baltimore i resent the countless hrs wasted in taking the van to dealership.carlos
    should learn a thing or two from lexus service. NO MORE NISSANS EVER!!!!!

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