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    We have a 2004 Quest and recently purchsed a folding tent camper (pop-up). Fully loaded, the camper probably weighs a little over 3,000 lbs. The Quest is rated for towing up to 3,500. We have pulled the camper on trips of up to 150 miles and have not had a problem. However, I’ve had several people advise me that I need to get a transmission oil cooler installed or I will wind up damaging the transmission. Does anyone here on the forum have experience with this?



    Just bought a 2007 Quest. Have a similar pop-up, approx 2800-3K lbs. We had an ’01 Venture with towing pkg, which included either a larger radiator or extra trans cooler. That trans was still going strong at 155K miles, which is good for a towing minivan. So I’m taking every precaution with the “new” van. has trans coolers for just over $50 (I got the Derale D13502), great install video, took me 1-2 hours. I also changed the transmission fluid at 45K, per the schedule (crazy early, in my opinion), buy fluid at Nissan, but also easy to do yourself. 2K mile towing trip and 13K miles so far and no problems.
    I removed the upper front grill by pulling the plastic forward (snaps free like the taillight covers), broke one clip but glued back together. Gave great access to where they want you to install cooler (also remove the bottom cover just below the bumper, reuse the pop-out rivets). I used 2 plastic mounting holes hanging down in front of the radiator on the right side to mount to the holes in the cooler (had to drill one new hole in the cooler at the right distance). I plumbed it in to the hose that comes out of the trans just below where the trans dip stick goes in. I believe that’s the return line (fluid should go thru the main radiator first, then the extra cooler). Should have taken pics while I had the covers off, will do so next time.
    Also good to get the rear suspension some help. Etrailer has air bags that go in the coil springs, only thing I could find for the Quest. They help, not as much as I would like, but better than nothing, I hate seeing a low rear end!
    I should say, too, this van pulls like a beast! I’m very impressed – uphill with the AC on at 70mph no problem, with premium gas.

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