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    We have had our Quest ever since it was new and it has been a great car. However, I was recently driving it and I noticed that while it was idling in either Park, Reverse, Neutral, or drive that there was a large bump that would happen about every 15 seconds. You don’t feel it when you are driving it on the freeway or anything however, it is not idling smoothly. I don’t know if this could be a major issue, but I think what I may want to do is change my transmission fluid, I don’t know if it’s the transmission fluid, or if it’s a bad transmission mount or if the transmission is just going bad. We have lost the original owners manual so I can’t find the transmission dipstick. I would like to know if it has a transmission dipstick somewhere, or if it is a sealed transmission and the fluid needs to filled via pump. I’m a proud Volkswagen owner and have done most of the work myself on my Volkswagen. I realized that these two cars are vastly different. My Volkswagen does not have a dipstick so therefore you must fill the transmission fluid VIA pump. My Nissan Quest has 170,000 Miles on it, and the engine is still running strong. So, if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it. It looks like the last time the transmission fluid was changed was at 91,000 miles.



    There should be a tranny dip stick (should be closer to driver side relative to the engine oil stick)!
    The drain and refill is very easy!
    Just need to losen the 19mm bolt and fill through the dip stick…



    “it’s not idling smoothly” are the key words

    not a trans problem… but, i guess it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and do the transmission fluid change as preventative maintenance

    you’ll have to look at other things, i.e. vaccum leaks, ignition components (spark plugs,wires,cap,rotor, etc…)

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