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    I have 2004 Nissan Quest SE with 4 speed Tranny. I did a transmission fluid change.

    When i did the research and read the manual. it’s stating it need 9 3/8 qts. I put about 9.3 quarts in and check the dip stick. It seems to have too much oil so I used the vaccumm pump to suck out about 1.2 qts.

    My guess is there are about 8ish quarts new fluid in there. But the dip stick still have oil above the “hot” letters. Am I checking the oil correctly.




    For other’s reference

    I used the vaccum pump to suck out about 4 qts and the fluid is now in the normal range.

    So a drain and fill will only required about 4-5.5 qts, depending on how much you drained out.



    the higher number was for TOTAL fluid capacity, not for maintenance change interval

    also did you use the correct fluid?

    ” Look at the trans # on the drivers door jamb then check your service manual Quest came with two trans options that year 4 speed and 5 speed. trans # RE4 F04B and RE5F 22A This is important because the 5 speed uses ” Nissan Matic K” fluid. 5 speed need frequent fluid changes”

    if you’re sure you have the 4 speed, Nissan Matic D


    Mercon/Dexron III or IV are a good replacement if you can’t find the nissan type



    The Trans axle fluid level is temperature sensitive .
    You also have to drive it while it changes through all the gears to fill the voids in the trans axle transmission gears and valves.
    Also has to fill the torque converter and replace the air trapped in it. That will be done when the van is driven for a while .
    Check the fluid on a level surface with engine in operating temperature .

    North Toronto


    You can’t drain the torque converter. It holds 3 to 4 quarts. Just fill to dip stick warm.

    Gerry in Detroit



    It’s a good idea to check level before draining, check how much drained fluid and put in just as much.



    Did you change the filter or did it have one.

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