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    Does anyone experience the Transmission wandering & struggling at times through gears (Knocks & Slips)or wierd shifts.



    Mine is a 4 speed…
    When the tranny warms up, it has 100rpm flare from 2nd to 3rd…



    Better check the transmission fluid, maybe it is low. If you haven’t change transmission fluid before, it may be good to change it out, I usually did mine every 30K miles.


    it’s the transmission mounts. I’ve had the same problem your having and had it fixed. One of the transmission mounts broke causing it to knock and so on when changing gears. By the way make sure you change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Make sure the dealer does it too cause they can flush it to remove any deposit build ups in the tranny fuild case. And only use Nissan Matic K tranny fluid otherwise you can fuck up the transmission.



    I have changed the mounts, it is ring around the frickin rosy. I thought the misery was gone, I just got done with a 2200.00 timing chain & mounts ordeal & 2 months before that 2 others had gone bad including front control arms,wiper motor,trans boots,catalytic converter you get the picture. Now everything was fine for a 2 week period & here we go again we have got a slipping TRANNY w/ plenty of fluid & flushed & another mount to frame on the wall, it is like a sinking merry go round in quick sand. With only owning this vehicle now for 4000 miles and feedback fom others & sources, I am beginning to think these Nissan’s are a how do we call it…………… JUN_. I keep thinking I am putting this all behind me now. You know this van is a pleasure to drive with it’s acceleration & handling but here comes are wake up call slap in the face REALITY. I well keep posting my ongoing to date bill totaling: Drum roll please
    Stay Tuned

    $ 5300.00 @ 4000 miles owned

    PS: Thanks for letting me vent,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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