Van got keyed

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    I have a 2005 base model silver
    It got keyed second times this year! 🙁

    1st time spring time- deep scratches on passenger door and little on passenger slide door
    2nd time Nov 5, 10 – one long scratch (go into metal) from passenger door to the end of the slide door…

    Why would people scratch my 5 year old van?
    There are shinny sport cars and lux cars out there! I guess my van is sexier than those cars…rofl… Why key on this poor “big” van?

    Both times were parked at a “narrower” parking spot…



    Your last line might have something to do with it. Our vans are big and if you squeeze into a tight space and get too close to someone else’s car that can piss them off. Especially if they think you may have dinged them on your way out. Not saying you did but if someone thought so then ya, maybe they were exacting some revenge. What can I say? People are crazy.
    That said, I try not to park beside other cars and especially not other minivans. Minivans mean kids and parents who are usually in a hurry. Perfect recipe for dings.
    That’s why my local Costco’s so great; HUGE parking spots!



    I’m going to agree with “Rockford”…
    I’m a Minivan Dad….I actually enjoy our Quest SE…a lot.
    I’m sorry that you’ve been keyed….
    However, I have noticed that a good amount of minvan owners don’t think or care to straighten them selves out when they pull into a parking spot. I can tell ya that I get pretty “lit up” when I come out from the store and there is a car… especially a minivan… snugged up against me or parked so cock-eyed that it makes it difficult get in my car, or to pull out. It makes ALL minivan owners look bad. These are very big cars…comparable to most SUV’s… pay attention to whether or not the parking stall is too narrow. Minivans already have a “reputation”…. let’s take an extra minute to park them properly.

    (And yes, you van is sexier than a lot of other cars….that’s why we’ve chosen them over other minivans…or SUV’s!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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