Vibration at 55 mph

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    Tip: Try changing the power steering fluid.

    My 2002 Quest with 150K miles.
    I just wanted to pass on something that helped in my case. I’ve been working to correct the vibration for some time now. I have done many things including replacing both CV axels (one was going bad) and replacing motor mounts. Tune up with new spark plugs, rotor and cap.
    Each of those things helped a little but there was still a vibration that would begin to annoy.

    Anyway, my power steering started to whine just a little bit. So I looked at the fluid and it was black. I got a bottle of new fluid and using a turkey baster I sucked out the fluid in the reservoir and put in clean new fluid. After a couple of days I checked and it was still kind of murky so I replaced the fluid in the reservoir again. And to my total surprise the vibration has almost gone completely.



    hope you used ATF type F for the power steering fluid, as stated in the owners manual

    auto trans fluid for a ford? yep that’s what the owners manual says to use in the power steering system

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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