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    I have a 2004 nissan quest se and I love it, I bought it about 8 months ago.
    I feel a vibration on the steering wheel when I turn sharply ar making U turn. I was told thet it could be the rack and pinion so I change it. the problem did not go away, then it was sugested that it could be the steering hydraulic pump and I replaced it too but the problem persisit.
    What should I do ??? any insight on this anyone??

    Thank you.



    I to have had the constant issue with the steering wheel shaking/vibrating on a 2004 Nissan Quest. I took it today to Firestone and had all 4 tires replace (they needed it). I was talking to one of the techs there and he used to work at a Nissan dealership. According to him the Nissans have a bad habit of throwing of the balancing weights. So once the tire becomes unbalanced the wheel starts to shake. If you take it to the dealer they balance the tires but tell you that the rotors are warped. They will either then charge you for resurfacing the rotors or for new rotors. Heres the way to tell which issue you have:
    If the steering wheel shakes at speed over 20mph then the tires need to be balanced.
    If the steering wheel shakes when you are braking then it’s probably the rotors.



    all modern vehicles are prone to rotor warpage.
    my front rotors are warped and there is great deal of vibration. I just don’t have time to change them 🙁



    Replacing the rotors is a relatively quick job, and less expensive when you do it yourself — I would definitely recommend a 24″ breaking bar to remove the bolts though (I think it’s a 17mm socket), it will make the job easier.

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