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    Good Afternoon! I own a 2005 Quest and for about a half year I have been having a vibration / tuba sound coming from the under carriage of the car when I hit 2000 RPM. I have gone through a few forums and it all states the same that it is a broken bracket or bolt on a bracket. The issues seems to be coming from the exhaust system.

    I have taken it to my mechanic several times and they welded a broken bracket that seems to have fixed the problem for about a month and then the problem comes back. Just took the Van today and they do not see any brackets or bolts broken.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar problem and if they have had it fixed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is not an issue for driving but it is a sure annoyance. Thanks in advanced.



    My Nissan dealer removed all heat shields to get rid of the noise.



    … did it for me too. My 2006 had a rattle at about 1800-2000 rpm while under load (i.e. sitting in Park and revving it the van did not experience the rattle). Took it to the dealer and they removed some heat shields that had broken partly loose and were rattling on the exhaust and that fixed it.




    Can anybody be more specific about what bracket is causing the noise, where is it located and what to do to fix it

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Ok, found the answer: Go to and look for Bulletin #NTB05-021. You have to register to view the bulletin. Everything is there. 🙂 GL

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