Vibration when braking at High Speed.

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    I have a 2005 Nissan quest. it vibrates a lot when apply brakes at high speed, like existing a Highway. if I apply the brakes too hard there is no vibration but when I apply gradual brakes (specially existing Highway) the whole car starts shacking.

    A mechanic replaced the front wheel lower control arm bushings, didn’t help. I replaced the front brake pads and rotors with Wagner rotors and pads, but still problem. don’t know whats next. could the rear brakes/rotors be an issue. should I change the rear brake rotors and pads ?



    It’s likely your rear brakes. The 2004-05 Quests rear brakes were undersized compared to the newer models. Believe it or not, the rear brakes do help with the braking of this van. It got to a point that I was replacing either the front or rear brakes each year.



    have you had your brakes inspected? maybe they need machining in a lathe.

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