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    Hi all,
    my wife ran over a pothole hard a couple of days ago. Ever since, I felt the car vibrating and felt heavy driving it.
    I took it to Nissan dealership and they said it might have gone out of alignment. They did a wheel balancing and alignment and it is a bit better but I can still feel it vibrating when I am going 50+ mph. I can feel a slight vibration on the gas pedal, it is not smooth. Any idea what else might have gone wrong?



    i had a similar problem with my 08, on mine it was a heat shield that got pushed out of place, it also made the engine sound louder in addition to the pulsating gas pedal, the dealer fixed it for $40, on mine you could see what looked like a medium piece of medal hanging down, kind of jagged near the pedal assembly



    Thanks samplejt, I will keep that in mind. I do feel some vibrations on the gas pedal but that is not the only thing. The car just drives rougher, feels rougher and I can feel the vibrations on the steering wheel to some degree, gas pedal and the car itself.



    I would have your mechanic check the rims to make sure they weren’t bent. also check the wheel bearings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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