warped rotors and alignment warranty question

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    My 2005 had warped rotors after less than 50 miles. The dealer turned them under warranty. Now with about 5,000 miles they are warped again. Should I demand that they be replaced this time instead of turned? I’m concerned that if they are turned they will just warp again since there is less material in the rotor each time they are turned.

    This van has also had a bit of a pull to the left from the day we bought it. The dealer told me to rotate the tires. I’m going to give it a try. If the pull is still there, should an alignment be covered by the warranty?



    Definitely do not have them turned again. Yes, the closer you get to minimum spec thickness, the faster/easier they will warp.

    As far as the pull, have them *balance* and rotate the tires and see if that helps. If not, then try an alignment. At 5000 miles, the dealer should not give you a hassle about doing an alignment for free for a problem that you brought to their attention early on.

    ’05 SE



    They claimed they couldn’t replace the rotors yet, Nissan insists they be below a minimum thickness. They turned them and they are smooth again. Now I’m hoping they’ll warp badly before the 12,000 mile “adjustment” period runs out.

    The alignment issue went away with a rotation. Bad tire?



    if the alignment went away with the rotation, it’s probably just the brakes. I’ve heard some 2004 Quest’s had very touchy brakes, which needed some electrical adjustment — like they were slightly “on” all the time.

    Bad tires definitely happen. You can get “cupping” and warping on a brand new tire, which should be replaced immediately. Doesn’t sound like this is the issue though — I think you’d know if you had a bad tire.



    I have experienced the same problems as most 2004 / 2005 Nissan Quest drivers. The rotors get warped and the dealer wants to turn them. THIS DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. The warping will ocur again. I looked for many hours on the net for solutions. I read many articles and came across a vendor who sells Nissan Quest rotor that will not get warped. So, I bought the front rotors with slots (for better braking, must be requested). These rotors were treated to withstand the heat to stop them from warping. I did change the pads all around as well which has helped quite a lot. This solved one my problems, the jittering feeling you receive from the brake pads. The other problem is during snow, the car makes a winding sound from the front brake calipers. The car does not stop (hit the curb couple of times)when this occurs which is at low 5-10 mph speed. Hopefully others have experienced this and have a work around.

    Rotor Vendor: Forzen Rotors dot com (Original Nissan Rotors)
    Brake Vendor: Hawk Brake Pads for front and back
    All equipment was well worth the price ($450 + installation by Nissan Dealer) and suppose to increase the life cycle of replacement by 200%. If you have doubts or questions, email me at my sign name at hotmail.com or posted it on this board.

    Thank You,
    HB (2004 Nissan Quest SE 25K Miles)



    I know some boards get creepy about unsolicited links to vendors, etc. I don’t care, so long as they have something to offer and aren’t junk. We did have a spammer a few months back, which won’t be tolerated, but stuff like this, feel free to link them.


    In fact, if enough people are having problems, maybe we can try to negotiate a group buy.



    Local garage just called and confirmed my suspicion of warped front rotors on my 2005 quest, they also said front and rear pads need replaced along with front and rear rotors…ouch.

    I too usually do my own brake jobs but after reading this common issue with this van I want to do something that will get me another 20k – 50k.

    Can you tell me if those special slotted rotors held true to their claim of not warping? Anything else from anyone else is welcome.




    Go with the rotors your mechanic recommends. I have read of others using the slotted rotors and having them warp in the same time frame as regular rotors. The brakes, esp. the rotors are a weak spot on this vehicle.

    Use what your mechanic is comfortable with.



    No warpage on my slotted rotors. Had for two years now.



    I went to a ceramic pad and so far it has made a world of difference. Have 25 – 30 k on the ceramics and no sign of the warping yet. sorry I dont recall the manufacturer but I did get them from Parts Source in Ontario.

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