Water in rear well

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    I am getting water in the rear well behind the back bench seat. not sure how it is getting in. No leaks around the windows that I can tell, just went through a car wash and could not see any leaks.
    The top of the stuff in the well is not wet just the bottom stuff against the carpet, so Im inclined to think its coming from underneath. We just had 10 inches of rain in 2days here. It is now 3 days after and the well still has enough water to slosh when picking up the carpet.

    Before I tear the rear of the van apart i was curious if anybody else had this problem.

    2006 Quest




    Hi I got the same problem with the waters collecting at the rear well.
    Try to look into the side molding on the roof. Located outside of the roof rails.



    I have the SE model with the sky lights in the roof. I also noticed that after a good rainfall there is a lot of water in the rear well. I noticed recently that the water is dripping through the trim louvers on the right side. My Nissan dealer said it is a problem with the seal around the sky light. They would have to remove the sky light and reseal the drip pan located beneath the sky light. This will be expensive. I think I will first try a body shop and see if they can just put some automotive silicon sealer around the window’s edges and see if that fixes the problem. As an experiment you can try sitting in the rear well as someone runs water from a hose on that rear corner of the sky light to see if that is where your water is coming from. Hope this helps.



    Our 08 has the same problem with water in the rear well. Trying to figure where it is coming in.

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