Water in the rear…please help..

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    I am getting water in the rear well behind the back bench seat. not sure how it is getting in. No leaks around the windows that I can tell, just went through a car wash and could not see any leaks also I put the hose with water on top and I don’t see any leaks.
    The top of the stuff in the well is not wet just the bottom stuff against the carpet, so Im inclined to think its coming from underneath. We had 4 inches of rain in last time. It is now 3 days after and the well still has enough water to slosh when picking up the carpet.

    I tear the carpet and it is a lot of water. please any ideas…I have a Quest 2004.

    Thank you



    Tech bulletin from Nissan

    IF YOU CONFIRM Water is leaking into the rear cargo area, there are water stains on the carpet, and/or the carpet is currently wet. ACTIONS 1. Remove rear interior trim and pull up cargo area carpet. 2. Apply bedding and glazing compound to back door pinch weld. 3. Check for leaks at the upper rear corner body seams (left and right side). 4. Check for leaks at the slide door rail plug(s) (for manual sliding doors). 5. Perform rear area water leak test, repair any additional leaks found. Seethis bulletin for further detail.



    Is this a SE model with skylights? If so, there is a TSB out regarding the skylights leaking and causing this problem. If so, this water would leak and run down the side and into the bottom of the back area. If you have a sunroof and the skylights, there are numerous drain tubes and ‘gutters’ in the roof than can become stopped with debris as well. Water leaks, like in a home, are hard to find. Good luck!



    I recently had this same problem on my 2007 SL. after a few failed attempt with the dealer (under warrenty). I stopped at home depot and purchased a bucket of elastometric sealant (in the roof sealing department next to the roof tar). and coated the well from the inside including the rubber plugs. I have driven through Florida’s down pours and flooded roads and have no signs of water.

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