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    Our 2005 S has leaked water twice from the sunglass holder area. One time was after a car wash, the other was during heavy rain. It doesn’t seem to leak in light rain though.

    I brought it to the dealer and they couldn’t make it leak. They aren’t going to do anything about it. They insist the windshield doesn’t leak and the only other idea they have is that one of the rack mounting points is leaking. That explanation makes no sense to me since the only wet area in the headliner is right at the front.

    Anyone else have a similar problem?



    Yes, I have the same problem in my 2004 SE. I just bought the vehicle used and discovered the problem with the first heavy rain. It seems like the water is pooling in the sunglass holder. When you hit the gas or go around corners it streams out from the holder. Very annoying. Please advise if you discover solution.



    2005 Quest SE w/ sky view. Same problem sunglass case filling w/water faulty windshield bead from factory.Dealer had vehicle over a month could not find a windshield to fit correctly after 4-5 attempts. In the process now trying to get into new vehicle moisture ,corrosion and health risk of mold two young children one now uses a inhaler since I purchased brand new Quest 12/22/05 currently 5300 miles on vehicle. Is it just funny timing or is the water problem (mold) the issue here???



    Bad windshield bead from factory call your local dealer to have it fixed if it can be fixed at all. It seems the auto glass techs have a real hard time setting these windows in the frame correctly.



    We’ve been to the dealer numerous times with leaking issues. It started with water coming through the sunglass holder. First they told us that debris was getting in causing it to get clogged. They tried to tell us that we shouldn’t park under trees (in other words, move). I laughed this off since the dealership is right next to a wooded area. We called the dealership and not service an got that fixed.

    Next we found the entire rear well soaked after a period of heavy rain. The replaced some plugs in the back, which reduced the leaking, but we still saw water come in through the rear vent window. They attempted to repair it and ended up pushing the window out so it would get hit by the rear sliding door. Just got the window replaced.

    I’m interested to see what happens this fall as more “debris” comes down.

    I think one of my problems is that my dealer’s service department is miles away from the sales office.



    The NHTSA site has two records for this problem of water leaking out of the sunglass holder. I just hope I can convince my dealer to fix it this fall once the rains start.



    I have the same problem with my 2004 SE. My leak comes from clogged sunroof well drains. Open your roof and if you see pooling water at front, then you have the same problem.

    The drains are inboard side of the plastic rails at the front under the wind reflector. You may need a flashlight to see them. They are just horizontal holes.

    Air gun works well to blats the entire drain line drain but the tail of a cable tie will do in a pinch.

    Hope this helps.
    My dealer was no help.



    I had the leak on my 05 S too. Took it to the dealer and they packed that black mechanics putty/adhesive stuff into the windshield seal and everything seems to be ok at this point (two years later)



    I do know some california auto glass technicians which are experienced, i guess they could fixed this one.


    Gavin Johnson

    Hi everyone,

    We’ve had a persistent leak where water would stream through the ceiling on the passenger side. It would exit the ceiling upholstery just perfectly to douse the legs and lap of the person in the front passenger seat.

    The long roof gasket on the passenger side had not been returned to the vehicle during a prior windshield replacement (how careless is that?). Fitting a new gasket made no difference to the issue – disappointing, after about a combined $75 in parts and shipping for the unusually shaped package.

    After scanning these forums, I decided to check the drain holes for the sun roof. I used tweazers to tease out debris on the passenger side. The driver side was not visibly occluded, but no water would pass. On this side, I removed the plastic tube from inside a disused shampoo bottle, filled the tube with water, and blasted it into the drain point by putting my lips on the other end. Instant success! – as seen by the soapy water draining from just behind the front driver side wheel well….. ditto for the passenger side.

    Waiting now for some heavy rain to see if I have in fact stopped the leak. By the way, if you decide to push water down the drain point as I did, you’ll need to put a finger over the other side of the drain hole (it’s a double-header) so as to develop the fluid pressure in the drain hose.

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