Water Leakage in back Tail Gate

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    Has anyone had problems with it raining more in the Van than outside? My Quest just started leaking in approximately 30 different places in the back. Around the rear break light, both tail lights around the tail gate door and the body seam is cracked and the vehical has not been hit.



    I have a 2005 3.5s that I’ve had a similiar problem but not that bad; it only leaked around the top of the rear hatch. It started with the dealer having to replace the rear hatch because of a broken weld they couldn’t get to. About a year later it started leaking. I believe they didn’t tighten the hinge bolts up and the hatch slipped a little so the gasket wasn’t sealing. They appear to have corrected the problem.



    hey hows it going ive had this issue over the past year or so and the dealer has been working to fix it i just got my van back after being at the dealer for over a month and so far no leaks, theres tsb’s for all of these leaks and they sealed and repaired all the body seam cracks on mines and all the leaks at the top and sides of the hatch including the bottom of the hatch, replaced the rear tailgate water seal, and changed both rear skyviews, there have been posts on alot of other forums and complaints on this issue bring it up with your dealer and they will take care of you, if anythgin call nissan corporate, this is nissans issue poor build quality causes this b/s

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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