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    Hi Gang!
    A newb here and I’m a customizing/upgrade kind of guy.
    The Quest is my wifes car so I have not done much, but I’m getting ready to start to add some new stuff.

    Woodgrain dash and console kit
    Custom Neprene seat covers.

    I’m probably going to do a radio upgrade and do alittle custom paint when the weather warms up. We have a ’04 SE in Tea Green. I’m thinking I’ll do a gold color two tone, with the gold just covering the bumpers and down low on the sides.

    Any advice on radios?



    I wouldn’t really mod the Quest to much cause after all it’s just a minivan. I only rely on it to get me from point A to point B safely. However I did a few cosmetic mods to help enhance the already nice appearance since all my other cars are heavily modded.

    Mods I’ve done so far:

    Projector Beam retrofit
    HID Headlights
    HID Foglights
    Led interior/Exterior
    Tinted tailights
    Tinted all Windows

    Nothing major really.



    Cosmetic mods are retarded.



    Mine has:

    Hid 6k’s for the headlights
    HID 6k’s for fogs (i swap with a pair of 3k when i get bored)
    Tinted rear tailights (just the white parts to smoke)
    Leds all around

    Mine has the red guts, so its pretty bitchin already, fully loaded these vans rock, except for the horrid reliability



    Where do you get the led lights for these? I would love to see more mods for these cars. You should all post some pictures. That would be awesome.


    I might give it a wash tomorrow so when I’m outside I’ll take some pictures.

    My tails are tinted but I left the backup light(clear) part untinted. Looks more professional.

    People asking me questions all the time.

    By the way if you want to purchase leds for it check out either of these website:



    Match the LED’s to the current bulb type you have now.



    Here is mines. I will definately be adding some Leds




    I have Falken 20″ rims and exhaust tip. Rear view color camera, second DVD player and 7″ monitor in front of instrumentation. LED on foot sill and custom made cup holders up front of glove compartment. Made cargo cover so I can hide stuff where third seat goes in. My quest is 04 Silver…..V-1

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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