What to look out for in a used Quest?

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    Hi all. I have been eyeballing some 2007 and 2008 Quests (both SL, I think) in the local area. I have a 2nd gen Honda Odyssey with a failing 5 speed transmission…a trouble spot on those cars. That, combined with a looooong list of other expensive and annoying problems, is the last straw. Compared with the other options (Toyota Sienna and Hyundai/Kia) the Quest seems competitive enough on paper. Provided the transmission and engine aren’t prone to massive failure it couldn’t be worse than our Odyssey. For a Quest with a fair amount of mileage (60-70k) what should I look out for?



    I have a quest 2005 and its been great so far. Never had any issues until the last 2 months. Had to replace a couple of sensors and need to replace another sensor. other than that, no major issues. its been very relaible. Big disatvantage a quest has compared to a odessy or sienna is its gas mileage during the cold season and on short runs. we normally get like 12 -14 miles/g during those times.
    about a year ago the catalyst converter also went bad but the dealer replaced it at no charge so watch for that.



    If your getting a 2004-2005, stick with the SE as I think the 5spd auto has better luck.
    2006-2009, Nissan pretty much addressed all the issues from the first years.
    You should be ok…

    2004 Nissan Quest SE

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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