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    I am considering swapping out my stock steel wheels on my 06 Quest with a set of 03 Lexus GS 300 wheels. The only marking I see on the Lexus wheels that could possibly be the offset is 50. They are 16×7.5 factory Lexus wheels. Can anyone tell me if the offset of the 06 Quest is 40mm? If so, will this work? Thanks in advance.



    114.3 is the the lug pattern. those lexus wheels will fit…but i think a 7.5 wide inch tire will be a little on the skinny side for the quest. you need at least a 16 inch by 8 inch wheel. better yet i have the se and it has the stock 17 inch alloys and they look beautiful on there, 16s are small man, i would consider looking for at least some 17’s.. look around you can find the 17 inch stock se wheels for cheap. my next project is to put 20 inch chrome rims on mine.



    I believe my stock Quest steel rims are slimmer than the 7.5″ wide Lexus wheels. Maybe I will pop one off and look for a marking on the steel wheel. I was more worried that the offset would kick the wheel out too far, possibly even allowing the tires to rub the wheel well at the fender or quarter panel if the suspension bottom out over a big bump. I’m not so worried about them being 16″ vs 17+” because the tires seem to get more expensive as the rim size increases. I just don’t want plastic wheel covers. The Lexus wheels will look nice if they’ll work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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