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    I have a 2006 Quest S Special Edition and last night I noticed a winding noise coming from the engine compartment at idle and gets worse when engine rpm’s increase.

    Has anyone had this happen. Has on 39K miles.



    Brought my Quest to the dealer and they said that the problem is with the Timing Chains. Nissan has a problem on certain engines with the tensioners on the 2 small timing chains that make this whining noise. Is covered under warranty to 60K miles.



    It should be covered since it is a major component of the engine.



    Yeah the bulletin is out there and applies to several Nissans including 04-07 Quests. I have a Pathfinder too and that noise beagn at about 62K they said it wouldn’t be covered but luckly so far at 85K and still in one piece. I am paying attention to my Quest though because as soon as I notice it It will be going in.



    does it sound like this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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