Windshield washer pump. Hard to replace?

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    GF has a 2004. Just wondering if I have to pull the front tire to get to it. Also will a universal one at Auto Zone work. Reservoir is full and can not get it to deliver fluid to the windshield…checked lines.



    Run a suitable gauge jumper wire from your battery’s + post and touch it to the pump’s hot wire. Your efforts should either get a whine from the pump, or no sound at all. If the former, then you’ve eliminated the pump as your trouble-check the wiring. Should you get no sound-chances are the pump is shot and needs replacement.
    The bluish-green color on the clipped wire indicates it’s oxidized and has been cut for quite awhile. Autoglass Repair



    Turned out easier than I thought. Piece of cake. Did replace the rubber seal on plastic container had to use a sealant (seal-all). Had to get one form the dealer since it works both front and back windows. Looked all over even junk yards and no luck. Broke down and got one from the dealer for over $60. Didn’t realize so many variations until I went to junk yard. Just unplug hoses and disconnect electrical connector and pull out from tank. And do the reserve for installing. Check for leaks.



    As we all know that nissan has a great performance. I think in this problem, the windshield of the car should check regularly to the auto mechanic spacialist, to be able to streghten the windshield and other accesories needed. Because winshield is the one important protector in our cars. windshield replacement

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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